Voting rights resources

Here you'll find instructions, videos, and other important stuff to help you register voters and restore the civil rights of your fellow Virginians.


Important links


Department of Elections

  • check a voter's registration status
  • find a polling place
  • see acceptable forms of photo ID
  • register online (if the voter strongly prefers)
  • answer almost any common question about voting

Secretary of the Commonwealth

  • check whether someone's rights have been restored
  • begin the process of restoration if not

How to comply with the rules when registering voters

If you need a refresher on the requirements and procedure, you can watch this handy 15-minute video from the Department of Elections.


Dos and Don'ts



  • smile
  • be polite
  • be persistent—a little more than feels natural
  • ask whether the voter needs assistance filling out the form
  • give the voter a receipt when you take the completed application, and explain what will happen next
  • return completed applications and restoration forms right away
  • have fun—you're saving democracy!


  • register folks who are ineligible (e.g. under 18 as of Election Day / not U.S. citizens / not Virginia residents, students, or military personnel stationed here)
  • sign the form on behalf of the voter
  • alter or pre-populate the form in any way
  • discriminate on any basis
  • use personal information from the form in any way
  • "bribe, threaten, coerce, [or] intimidate" anyone into registering (duh)
  • forget to return your completed applications and restoration forms!