Welcome back, and thanks for your hard work!

Use the calendar and map on this page to find your next shift. 

And don’t forget to join your fellow volunteers on Slack, the communications tool that makes it easy to coordinate with each other! You can join Indivisible Charlottesville’s Slack workspace by clicking here.

As always, email any questions or comments to


Thanks to all those who helped out at UVA move-in weekend! The volunteers registered 400 voters. Keep up the good work!



1. Find an event that fits your schedule and click to see the event's info page. Anyone who's signed up will be listed at the bottom (after the Description section).

Can’t find Mel’s, Brown’s, and other Virginia Organizing locations on our calendar? They’re still available! Click here to sign up on VO’s Google Doc.

2. If the event is open, click "Sign up" on the event page and enter your name and email.

If you're having trouble finding the Sign Up button, you can click on the three bars in the upper left hand corner.

3. That’s it! If you want to send yourself a reminder email, choose "Share" (it may be hidden in a menu, which you can access from the top left).When your shift gets closer, we’ll follow up with you to make sure you have everything you need.




You can move and zoom the map to find a location that's convenient to you. Click on the little flag for more info about that location.

Pick a registration site from either Indivisible Charlottesville (in blue) or our partner Virginia Organizing (in green). Pickup/dropoff sites for materials are purple, and registrar's offices are orange.