Voting rights and registration team


Our team’s goal is to register as many new voters as we can—especially among groups who don’t regularly vote in midterm elections.


If you've already joined the team and would like to sign up for a shift, click here for our calendar.


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Team leaders

How this team is going to #Flipthe5thth

  • Regular registration tables at locations throughout Cville/Albemarle and at high-traffic events like Fridays after Five
  • Identify communities for local registration drives
  • Team up with campus organizations to register students once they return
  • Work with Spread the Vote to get people the IDs they need

How you can help

  • Sign up to register voters on weekends or during the week!
  • Let us know: what days & times can you register people to vote?
  • Bring a friend! Voter registration is an easy and meaningful way to make a difference in our democracy.

Next steps, actions, and upcoming events

  • Sign up for a shift!

  • It’s easy—find a place and time where you can register voters, and go for it!

To join the team, please see our voter registration signup page!