Voter outreach team


Our team’s goal is to make personal contacts with registered voters who have been identified as either persuadable or occasional voters, and turn them out to vote!

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Team leaders

How this team is going to #Flipthe5th

    • Write and mail thousands of postcards
    • Send thousands of texts using the texting tool Rally
    • Make thousands of calls using the phone-banking tool Hubdialer
    • Canvass starting in August/September for that last personal touch to get people to the polls!

    How you can help

    • Attend postcard parties or happy hours and write cards!
    • Host a postcard party for your friends—we'll supply the postcards!
    • Text targeted voters using Rally, from your own computer
    • Talk to voters using Hubdialer to phone-bank, at home or at a phone-banking party
    • Knock on some doors--we’ll train you and provide a buddy if you’ve never canvassed before!

    Next steps, actions, and upcoming events

    • Let us know if you are interested in hosting a postcard party or happy hour
    • Talk to some friends and get them to commit to join you at a postcard-writing event (send us their names and emails and we’ll add them to our contact list for these events!)
    • Sign up to be trained on our texting tool Rally
    • Sign for training on how to use Hubdialer to phone-bank
    • Let us know if you’ve canvassed before and can buddy with someone who hasn’t
    • We’ll be in touch! We will be emailing you once the GOP has a candidate and we can design postcards, when the national Indivisible group gets the phone and text tools to us and we start those campaigns, and when canvassing efforts go into high gear this summer.

    To join the team, contact -