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Be a part of the blue wave that’s sweeping the country.

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Indivisible Charlottesville is an all-volunteer organization. In fact, nobody on the steering committee of Indivisible Charlottesville had any organizing experience before our organization was founded in January 2017. We are powered by the determination and focus of people like you. Like you, we are just citizens with day jobs who became politically active during the emergency of the Trump administration.


You may not think that you have any specific skills to share with Indivisible, but you do. Whoever you are--a teacher, a doctor, a waitress, a stay-at-home parent, an Uber driver, a high school student, a business owner--you have a story. You have been impacted by the Trump agenda. Social change happens when we join our individual struggle to a campaign for policy change. Your experiences, fears, and aspirations are what drive this movement. Everybody’s story matters, and we want to help you tell yours.


Join our team

Indivisible Charlottesville is forming small goal-oriented teams to work on specific projects in 2018! All participants will receive free training and guidance. We're in this together and your time and skills are valuable to helping further progressive values and ideals in our community.

Please see our current volunteer opportunities below.


Content creation

If you like:

  • writing and editing
  • creating social media posts

You can help us out by:

  • creating long and short pieces for our website

To learn more and sign up, contact Guillermo g@gxuimages.com

Taking photos and video

If you like:

  • using your camera
  • improving your photography and video skills
  • telling visual stories

You can help us out by:

  • documenting our events
  • going out on “assignments” to create visual stories

To learn more and sign up, contact Guillermo g@gxuimages.com


We are always looking to incorporate the talent and expertise of our members.  If you have special skills in

  • media relations
  • political or labor organizing
  • graphic design
  • videography
  • photography
  • coding
  • data analysis

we would love to talk to you about how you can use your super powers to defend democracy. Email us at contact@indivisiblecharlottesville.org.