2019 State Legislature Candidate Questionnaire

Tim Hickey - Virginia House District 59

In three sentences or less, why are you running?
I am a public school educator of 17 years running to build a community worthy of our children. Investing in our local public schools & in broadband infrastructure are essential for our local, rural economies. We need a Delegate in Richmond who is not a corporate-funded career politician. I will show up for the people of the 59th.

What would be your first priority in the General Assembly if elected?
My first priority is to stand up for all of the kids who attend public school, their families, & everyone who makes public schools work for our kids: bus drivers, custodial staff, cafeteria workers, teachers & counselors. We need better funding.

Other than that, what do you see as the three most important issues for this district in the General Assembly?
Other than education, the three biggest issues facing our District are lack of access to broadband, healthcare & democratic rights (fair redistricting & voting rights).

Have you accepted any money from a corporation or a corporate PAC, or will you in the future?
I have not accepted any money from any corporation or corporate PAC & never will.

According to the world’s leading scientists, we have 12 years to take action on climate change. Will you vote in support of legislation that requires a transition to 100% clean energy resources by 2035?
Yes-100% clean energy by 2035.

UVA recently announced it would be paying every employee at least $15 per hour starting in January 2020. Do you support raising the minimum wage in VA to $15/hour?
I support a living wage. I understand $15 is a convenient political message. But I think a living wage calculation is probably more complicated than that depending on local costs of living across the Commonwealth.

What will be your first legislative priority to address gun violence in Virginia?
My first gun violence prevention priority is universal background checks. Completely common sense, and one my opponent has repeatedly strikes down as chair of the subcommittee on House Police, Militia, and Public Safety.

Will you support legislation that allows a special driver’s privilege card to be issued by the DMV to undocumented immigrants in Virginia?
Yes. Like us, they need to drive to get to work, take their kids to school, and go grocery shopping. They should not have to drive in fear of getting pulled over and being sent back to their home country, just for trying to live a normal life with good, honest work and trying to save up for the expensive journey to citizenship.

Will you support legislation that allows localities in VA to decide whether to remove or modify Confederate monuments in their jurisdictions?
Yes- localities should decide on Confederate monuments.

Do you support construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline? If not, what would you do in office to protect our environment?
Yes, I am anti-pipeline. I am anti-compressor station for Union Hill, which is in my District. I’d ban Dominion (and all other corporations) from donating to political campaigns. I’d insist on a rapid transition to renewable energies. I’d have VA join the RGGI and support a New Green Deal.

What experience do you have in organizing in and supporting local communities?
I’ve been a public school educator for 17 years. I volunteered for Angela Lynn, Tim Kaine & Leslie Cockburn. I’ve been campaigning unofficially for 15 months & officially for 9 months.