Way back on January 14, newly elected Congressman Denver Riggleman pledged to hold “town halls throughout the district” when he was “settled in.”

Riggleman: My pledge to the 5th District
— When I am settled in, I will conduct town halls throughout the district.

After 100 days in office, he declared that “It’s my goal to be the most accessible representative the 5th District has ever had,” and told the Daily Progress that he had planned a “listening tour” sometime “this spring.”

100 DAYS IN: Riggleman looks to reach across the aisle
— It’s my goal to be the most accessible representative the 5th District has ever had

On July 29th, at the beginning of a six-week long “district work period” for members of Congress, he told constituents that he’d hold town halls in August.

It’s August 23rd. Four weeks have gone by already. Across the 5th District, kids are going back to school, we’re still waiting for those town halls, and we’re still here whenever Denver Riggleman wants to listen to his constituents.

UPDATE 8/24: On August 23rd, Riggleman’s office announced his first town hall ever, to be held in Danville, VA, in the fifth week of a six week recess. Riggleman says he plans to hold a town hall in the Charlottesville area ‘soon’. "It will happen at some point," Riggleman said. "Charlottesville's a pretty small part of the district with 10,000 square miles.”

There are a lot of things that we would like to say about this, but we’ll stop at three.

- First, congratulations to the people of Southside for this sighting of the elusive Riggleman!

- Second, the Congressman appears to be confused: his job is to represent his constituents, not real estate. The Charlottesville area has about one third of the total population of the Fifth District, which makes it “the single biggest concentration of people in the district,” NOT “a pretty small part”.

- Third, Congressman Tom Perriello held twenty-one (21!) town halls across the district during the 2009 summer recess. THAT is the mark the Congressman needs to beat to become “the most accessible representative the 5th District has ever had.”