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Justice Kennedy's Retirement

President Trump will soon nominate a successor to Justice Anthony Kennedy of the Supreme Court. If approved, this candidate will almost certainly pull the court to the right, endangering reproductive and gay rights, as well as affirmative action. He or she may also help decide questions arising from alleged meddling in the 2016 election.Though Trump hasn’t yet made his nomination, we should plan to oppose it for three reasons.

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Why voting matters

Election day is Nov. 6, 2018! This year is the midterms, which means one third of the U.S. Senate and every member of the U.S. House of Representatives will be up for election. In many places, state and local positions will also be on the ballot. In Virginia’s 5th District, this includes a Senate seat held by Democrat Tim Kaine and the House of Representatives seat currently held by Republican Tom Garrett.

Voting is essential to American Democracy, and determines the policies and legislative decisions made for the next two, four or even six years. Despite this, only around 60% of Americans vote. Make sure you’re prepared for Election Day by registering, finding your precinct, or applying for an absentee ballot!

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What’s happening with Iran and the Iran Deal?

In May 2018, the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, despite Iran expressing desire to remain in the agreement. The Trump administration has long taken a hardline stance on Iran, with National Security Advisor John Bolton saying in 2015 the only solution was to “bomb Iran” and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo comparing Iran to ISIS and suggesting the only way to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is through the use of U.S. military force. These aggressive talking points and refusal to maintain a diplomatic solution inch us closer to war.

Internationally, Saudi Arabia and Israel both have indicated their willingness to go to war with Iran. In recent weeks, Israel has substantially increased its use military strikes against Iranian forces in Syria, which has now resulted in the deaths of multiple Iranian citizens. In addition, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently held a theatrical press conference where he falsely claimed that Iran is currently developing a nuclear weapon and suggested that Israel is willing to go to war with Iran.  


Why should we in the 5th District care?

War with Iran would be disastrous for the entire country, including Virginia. It would cost trillions of dollars, result in thousands of American casualties, increase the Trump administration's scapegoating of minorities, and greatly weaken the United States standing in the world. Even Tom Garrett has been critical of unnecessary military conflicts like the Iraq War which led Garrett to state that the United States "cannot be the world’s policeman".


What can we do?

It is seeming more and more likely that the Trump administration will attempt a repeat of the Iraq War by engineering diplomatic crises, demonizing Iran, and spreading false intelligence. We can learn from the Iraq War by creating a preemptive peace movement, including educating our personal networks about the risks of war, contacting our elected representatives and demanding that any new war first be authorized by Congress rather than unilaterally entered into by the White House. We should build anti-war coalitions within our local communities that are ready to mobilize like the Women's March or the March for Our Lives should the Trump administration attempt to start an unnecessary war.

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Training and Workshops

The following is a growing collection of workshops organized by Indivisible Charlottesville. If you have any ideas for workshops and training you'd like to see be sure to let us know.