Protest 101 and story telling team


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Our team’s goals are 1) to boost turnout among progressive voters and 2) to educate voters about the differences between the candidates

Team leader

How this team is going to #Flipthe5th

    • Protest Trump/GOP policies consistently and visibly; remind people of the upcoming election in November
    • Utilize social media to boost the impact of our protests
    • Tell our personal stories to the media to educate others about how these policies affect real people

    How you can help

    • Attend our weekly protests and bring a friend!
    • Host a sign-making party to create signs that will get attention
    • Write down your story if you have one and be ready to share it with the media, at a protest, or online
    • Take photos/videos/etc. of our protests and share them widely on your personal social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

    Next steps, actions, and upcoming events

    • Attend “Flip the 5th Tuesday” Protest (June 5th, 5pm, Albemarle County Building)
    • Let us know if you are interested in hosting a sign-making party or happy hour
    • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@IndivisbleVA05) and be sure to tag us in any social media posts
    • If you are prepared to share your story publicly, write it down when you get home. Send it to

    To join the team, contact -