Information and resources for defeating Tom Garrett for Congress.
This page will be a work in progress as we move through the nomination process, the campaign, and the election in November. Check back regularly for new information.



Caucus results


About the candidates

The four candidates competing for the Democratic nomination to run against Tom Garrett.

  1. Leslie Cockburn

  2. Ben Cullop

  3. Roger Dean Huffstetller
  4. Andrew Sneathern

If you just have a few minutes to learn about the candidates, watch their closing statements from our debate on March 17th.

All four candidates have taken part in numerous forums and debates. Along with reading over their website, seeing how they respond to questions is a good way to learn more about them.

All of the candidates are hosting meet and greets across the district. Check their Facebook pages for any events near you.


Learn more about the nomination process

A visual explanation of what you need to know to defeat Tom Garrett in November.


The caucus

The 5th district democratic committee has decided to use a convention to select the Democratic nominee to run against Tom Garrett. This means that there will be 23 caucuses held throughout the district between April 14-21 to select delegates to send to the convention on May 5th.

Where is my caucus, when is my caucus?

Each locality is responsible for scheduling and coordinating the caucus in their area. Contact your Democratic committee to get more information about when and where your caucus will be held.

Charlottesville Caucus

Saturday, April 21, 1:15pm at Burley Gym on Rosehill Drive


Albemarle County Caucus

Monday, April 16th, 5:30-8:00 at Monticello High School.

Are you ready to vote?

Check your voter registration - and find your polling place.

Deadline to register to vote for the Nov 6 election is Monday, Oct 15!