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On November 6th, our fellow Americans decisively rejected Donald Trump's hatred and fear. Across the country, voters checked Trump's power by electing the most diverse, talented, and progressive Congress in history. What you've done over the past two years made that possible.

November 6th showed us that our resistance is working. Groups like Indivisible Charlottesville mobilized new voters and built winning coalitions in places (Oklahoma! Kansas! South Carolina!) that hadn't elected progressives in forever. But that Tuesday also reminded us that one blue wave won't be enough to wash away the evils and corruption of Trumpism.

Our fellow Virginians did us proud. Tim Kaine crushed Corey Stewart, and he'll be joined in D.C. by three amazing new congresswomen. In our district, Leslie Cockburn's incredible campaign inspired organizers, volunteers, and voters from Warrenton to Danville. Make no mistake: your marching, calling, texting, postcard-writing, voter-registering, and door-knocking mattered. They turned a "safe" Republican seat into a nailbiter and made countless other victories possible. As much as we'd all hoped—and worked—to see Leslie represent us in Congress, the movement she helped build will carry us forward.

So November 6th also showed that we need to keep working and fighting for an America that's truly democratic, equal, and just. We need to keep organizing, keep building coalitions, keep holding our officials accountable, and keep electing progressives at every level from the school board on up. So we will. In 2019, we'll transform Virginia by flipping the state house and senate. In 2020, we'll kick Trump out of office (and retake the Senate too). And that's just for starters.

This is a relay, not a marathon, so if you need to recharge for a bit, go ahead. No single election can fix what's broken in America. But now we know what it takes. And above all, we know we can do it.