Letter to the editor team


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This team’s goal is to educate voters about the issues, the effect of Republican policies on their families and communities and the differences between the candidates in the VA-05 race.

Team leader

How this team is going to #Flipthe5th

    • Write letters to the Editor
    • Provide editing if needed
    • Exchange letters so that they can be placed papers throughout the 5th (note: most newspapers will not print a letter that has been published elsewhere, but we can try to ensure our message gets out across the district)
    • Aid in providing the research to make letter writing easy

    How you can help

    • Sign up to write letters
    • Sign up for “Garrett Watch” to get the data you need for the letters
    • Send us your drafts. We can edit and also send to other areas for submission and signatures in papers outside Charlottesville

    To join the team, contact -