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Let’s elect a candidate who shares our values on affordable healthcare, equity & diversity, the environment, and civil liberties.


Birddogging team

This team’s goal is to get the Republican candidate Denver Riggleman to answer questions (on video that can go viral!) about issues voters care about, but that the he would rather avoid, by showing up and asking them directly.

Letter to the editor team

This team’s goal is to educate voters about the issues, the effect of Republican policies on their families and communities and the differences between the candidates in the VA-05 race.


Protest 101 & story telling team

Our team’s goals are 1) to boost turnout among progressive voters and 2) to educate voters about the differences between the candidates.

Voter outreach team

Our team’s goal is to make personal contacts with registered voters who have been identified as either persuadable or occasional voters, and turn them out to vote!


Voting rights & restoration team 

Our team’s goal is to register as many new voters as we can—especially among groups who don’t regularly vote in midterm elections.


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Deadline to register to vote for the Nov 6 election is Monday, Oct 15!