2019 State Legislature Candidate Questionnaire

Elizabeth Alcorn - Virginia House District 58

In three sentences or less, why are you running?
Our current leadership is not addressing problems that are affecting our district such as the more than tripling of our health insurance rates last year, depressed state funding for our public schools and teachers, and the lack of internet and cell phone coverage through large regions of the district. I want to aggressively address these problems and remove restrictions on clean energy in Virginia.

What would be your first priority in the General Assembly if elected?
Increase school funding to pre recession levels and bring teacher salaries up to the national average.

Other than that, what do you see as the three most important issues for this district in the General Assembly?
1. Investigate and hold accountable the agencies and appointees that allowed a health insurance monopoly to more than triple health insurance rates in 2018 which left many in the district uninsured, and made the company the highest profits ever earned by a health insurer in the USA. These rates were more than 3x their own small business rates, did not follow ACA guidelines, and gouged the Federal Government through the ACA subsidies the company received.
2. Change laws and regulations that prevent expansion of cell service and broadband in rural areas, and work to bring federal and state funds back to our district for broadband expansion.
3. The fastest growing industries in Central Virginia are renewable energy companies. I want to remove the laws in Virginia that limit clean energy and bring clean energy jobs and investment to my district.

Have you accepted any money from a corporation or a corporate PAC, or will you in the future?
I have received no money from a corporate PAC and do not intend to accept that money in the future.

According to the world’s leading scientists, we have 12 years to take action on climate change. Will you vote in support of legislation that requires a transition to 100% clean energy resources by 2035?

UVA recently announced it would be paying every employee at least $15 per hour starting in January 2020. Do you support raising the minimum wage in VA to $15/hour?

What will be your first legislative priority to address gun violence in Virginia?
I will sponsor or co-sponsor legislation to require extended and expanded background checks for gun purchases and create an emergency removal order (Red Flag Laws).

Will you support legislation that allows a special driver’s privilege card to be issued by the DMV to undocumented immigrants in Virginia?
This is an important public safety issue. We must insure that anyone that operates a motor vehicle has the skills and knowledge necessary to do so safely. We should have a permit system for undocumented immigrants that requires the same testing and skills all other license holders are required to complete. Our status quo is allowing unknown numbers of possibly unsafe drivers to skip the licensing process at the risk of our safety.

Will you support legislation that allows localities in VA to decide whether to remove or modify Confederate monuments in their jurisdictions?
I support the repeal of the Dillon Rule in Virginia and other Jim Crow era laws that are being used by the current GOP leadership to prevent localities from removing Confederate monuments. Localities should have the right to remove Confederate monuments, ban firearms and weapons from municipal buildings, and make other decisions that represent the needs and values of their communities.

Do you support construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline? If not, what would you do in office to protect our environment?
I do not support the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline because it will not support the energy needs of Virginians, is being built to raise the value of Dominion stock shares at the expense of their customers (who will not benefit from the gas it carries), and expansion of the use of natural gas will increase carbon emissions and further damage our earth. In office, I will vote to remove the 1% cap on renewable energy allowed on the grid of Dominion and Appalachian Power, vote to require our energy monopolies build renewable energy generation systems, encourage policies and programs that promote and fund energy conservation measures, and join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

What experience do you have in organizing in and supporting local communities?
Over the years through my dental career, I have worked tirelessly providing volunteer services through local Free Clinics, community organizations, Virginia Dental Association Mission of Mercy, Donated Dental, and an international volunteer organization. Locally, I was on the board of the Charlottesville Free Clinic and assisted the UVA Infectious Disease Department in organizing and creating a program to provide comprehensive dental care to their HIV patients. As a mother, I was active in my kids schools, was a Girl Scout leader, and was a youth and adult Sunday School teacher. Running for elected office is an extension of all of these activities and an opportunity to make a broader impact on our community.