Birddogging team


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This team’s goal is to get the Republican candidate Denver Riggleman to answer questions (on video that can go viral!) about issues voters care about, but that the he would rather avoid, by showing up and asking them directly.

Team leaders

How this team is going to #Flipthe5th

  • Attend every possible event of the 5th district Republican candidate and show up early to get good seats/positions.
  • Ask the candidate 2-3 agreed upon simple, clear, questions.
  • Come up with chants and/or tuck signs into shirts.
  • Video and photograph our interactions with the candidate so that we can share widely
  • Get the candidate to take a stance on issues on camera.

How you can help

  • Give us your contact info-especially text message numbers
  • When we reach out to you, plan to come out and either ask your question or help video and photograph the birddog
  • Show up to support those asking questions (cheering, applauding, supporting chants if there are any, etc.)

Next steps, actions, and upcoming events

  • Group will meet to train, plan, and choose roles for possible upcoming birddogging events.
  • Be ready! Events can spring up with as little as a day’s notice.
  • Stay in contact with one another. Join in and support other groups’ actions as time permits.

To join the team, contact -