2019 Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire

Bea LaPisto Kirtley - Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Rivanna District

In three sentences or less, why are you running?
I want to address the significant affordable housing issue in the county that affects a widevariety of citizens, including our growing senior population. I want to work on solutions for our transportation issues. I strongly support continued improvements to teacher compensation and investment in our school system.

What would be your first priority on the Board of Supervisors if elected?
Work on identifying all possible resources available, from public to private opportunities that the County can use to address affordable housing issues - which affects 25% of the County population.

Other than that, what do you see as the three most important issues facing the Board of Supervisors?
Transportation needs, planning for climate resilience, ensuring we continue to foster and grow strong relationships with our community partners because many issues are regional issues involving the City, UVA and other stakeholders.

Have you accepted any money from a corporation or a corporate PAC, or will you in the future?

What experience do you have in organizing in and supporting local communities?
Locally, I have been involved for over 7 years in organizing the Hospice of the Piedmont annual 5K Race - getting donations and prizes for the myriad winners, pre race preparations, being in charge of the logistics the day of the race for several hundred runners/walkers. I have also been a CASA volunteer for 5 years - serving children in Charlottesville, Albemarle and Louisa. As a member of 100+ Women Who Care, we raise money for local non profits. While serving on the Board of Directors for the South Coast Air Quality Management District in southern California, we dealt with reducing the detrimental effects of smog and pollution by working with the many industries to promote pollution reducing strategies. While President of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments we supported the formation of the Alameda Corridor East rail system, significantly relieving congestion along a major arterial along the Long Beach Freeway and elsewhere. I served as a Director on the local Duarte Community Education Foundation as well as the Citrus Community College Foundation supporting quality education for all students. For many years I was a member (and President) of California Contract Cities Association - which represented localities banding together to ensure our constituents the best services and cost savings for municipal services.

UVA recently announced it would be paying every employee at least $15 per hour starting in January 2020. Do you support raising the minimum wage in VA to $15/hour?

Should the County divest from fossil fuels?

State legislators have a huge impact on what the County can do, from what minimum wage we can enact, to gun laws, to statues. Have you been involved in any state-level campaigns in the last two election cycles? If so, list what campaign(s) and what role(s) you played?
Yes. Leslie Cockburn -Campaign volunteer

Affordable housing is a crisis in Albemarle. What is one concrete solution you see to start alleviating the problem?
I favor the formation of an affordable housing fund governed by policies that allow the county to buy affordable housing when it becomes available in order to keep and increase existing affordable housing stock. I would also want to see property tax reimbursements for affordable housing projects to make them more attractive to build. Developers should sign performance agreements that keep the units affordable for 30 years in exchange for the property tax reimbursements.