Register voters and restore citizens' rights!

The right to vote is the absolute foundation of democracy. But across America, millions of citizens are effectively denied that right—and denied a voice in their own government—just as the most important election of our lifetimes is looming in November 2018. 

So Indivisible Charlottesville, together with Spread the Vote, Virginia Organizing,  Moms Demand Action, and Women of the Fifth, have launched a campaign to protect and expand voting rights and restore democracy across the 5th District. We'll be registering voters, restoring voting rights, and helping people get IDs, at locations around Charlottesville every weekend. We'll also have tables at special events and concerts all summer. 

Join our voting rights effort right here! If you've never registered voters before, we'll get you the training you need and pair you with experienced volunteers.

Guillermo Ubilla