On Tuesday at 5pm, join us for our #Flipthe5th rally at the Albemarle County Building on Preston and McIntire.


This week’s theme is #HealthcareforAll. We’re partnering with Charlottesville for Reasonable Health Insurance, Healthcare NOW- Virginia, and local healthcare activist Rebecca Wood to remind voters that their healthcare is on the ballot on November 6th! 

Republicans in Congress have voted repeatedly to gut the ACA, taking health insurance from 23 million people and eliminating protections for preexisting conditions. Meanwhile, Trump's sabotage of the healthcare markets has caused Charlottesville and Albemarle to have the highest health insurance premiums of anywhere in the country.

Leslie Cockburn and Tim Kaine believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. They support the Affordable Care Act and expanding Medicare to provide affordable insurance to every American. That's why we have to make sure they are elected in November.   RSVP on Facebook here or just show up!

Guillermo Ubilla