Join us for #OneTermTom Tuesdays!

Now that the weather's warming up, join us for our weekly protests to remind voters of Tom Garrett's outrageous behavior in office.

  • He's voted to take away healthcare from 20+ million people.
  • He's voted to raise taxes on the middle class and poor while cutting them for his billionaire donors.
  • He's voted to weaken controls on murderous weapons.
  • He's backed Trump's racist Muslim ban.
  • He's stood silent as Trump, his family, and his corrupt cronies loot the government to line their own pockets.
  • And he's met with Nazis in his office and refused to apologize and denounce them until it was too late.

Garrett might be hiding from his constituents, but he can't hide from his record. Every Tuesday at 5pm, we'll be outside the Albemarle County Office Building in Charlottesville to expose that record to voters. Bring a sign—and bring a friend!

Guillermo Ubilla